Saturday, July 7, 2007

Proposals Invited

FCW compiles a shelf of projects that are in accordance with its aims, and provides small amounts as seed money.

Proposals for funding must have the following information:
*Background information on the organisation
*Previous History [unless the project is a new one]
*Rationale or Justification for proposals
*Objectives – main and subsidiary [if any]
*Target Groups
*Action Plan [broad for total duration of project and more specific for first year]
*Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.
*Budget [Total and Amount requested from FCW]

Goodwill International Project

Projects Funded: 2. Basic Education for Dropouts.

Goodwill International Association's three-year Project on Basic Education is being funded from end 2006. GIA has been operating projects on rescue and rehabilitation of working children for many years. the project now supported is in in Bangalore, India. it has the objective of making “Slums free of Child Labour” and providing basic education to such children in two slums for a bridging period after which they will be admitted to regular schools. Small stipends are provided for in the form of savings in the child's name and will be disbursed at the completion of the course.
The total budget for three years is Rs. 16,555 or about $ 30,000.

FCW's Projects -1. Casa Materma

FCW has made a small contribution to the Basic Services Project of Casa Materna, Nicaraguain 2006. The aim of this project is to reduce maternal and infant death in the region of Matagalpa,by providing pre-natal and post-natal care for rural mothers who have high-risk pregnancies.

For more details on the project go to: ??

Monday, July 2, 2007

How You Can Help

FCW was started with modest contributions from private well-wishers.

Donations from the public and institutions are invited either for FCW as such to be disbursed to various projects that it may find worth funding, or for specific ongoing as well as new projects and activities that the donor might wish to support, provided they are in line with FCW's objectives. FCW is tax exempt in the USA under IRS 501 [c][3].

Each new proposal or appeal will be carefully examined by FCW with the help of its advisors before any agreement to fund it. Feedback to the donor will be both periodic and at the end of the funded project.