Sunday, November 1, 2009

An Appeal for the Special Needs of Children Affected by Disaster

FCW has received a request from the Child Rights Trust [CRT] to channel its appeal for funding its flood relief and rehabilitation efforts following the severe floods in the northern part of the state of Karnataka, India.

In their own words:

“In addition to our normal developmental focus on child rights, we are now in the midst of the severe emergency needs of children affected by the floods in northern part of our state, Karnataka. While several NGOs and the Government are working on the overall relief and rehabilitation of the affected families, we are paying our attention to children. Not only are they sometimes orphaned, but even if their families are intact, they suffer from trauma and do not revive even with nutritious food; unless they are given counselling and cajoled to laugh and play again, their health, nutrition and their very childhood is at risk. The school-age ones among them also need some school supplies as when their own or make-shift schools do reopen, they can be ready to rejoin. These crucial aspects are not recognised in the general relief efforts and hence children continue to suffer. This can have a damaging effect on their long-term development. We are noticing these problems even after a month has passed since the floods.

Please see the attached appeal for information on our response to the disaster”.*

We hope you will respond generously to this appeal. If you would prefer to donate to our general fund that covers needs world-wide, you are welcome to do so. As before, you can donate by check to FCW or by credit card at , and FCW will forward the donations to CRT, and your IRS exemption certificate to you. Please mention if the donation is a general one or specifically meant for the N. Karnataka flood relief fund.


Thank you for your interest.