Friday, June 3, 2011

FCW in 2010

Actually, it was more of the same! But that is not always a bad thing, is it? FCW found the ongoing projects in 2009 needed further support and so fresh grants were made for similar activites or the same. One new grant, to Nalamdana that uses innovative communication methods to provide knowledge about health and various aspects of child rightsto illiterate audiences, adolescents etc., has been made during the year.

Goodwill International was supported in its project of mainstreaming dropouts by conducting suitable bridging classes to bring them back into school.

Child Rights Trust expanded its translation and publication of advocacy and education materials on various aspects of child rights aimed at a range of groups and individuals.

Nalamdana used the funds to produce and exhibit its films and stage its live shows followed by community surveys and discussions, on child rights and adoloscent problems.