Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Update 2014

Since this update is being made in 2014, this  post is a brief update on the happenings in FCW since the last post.
Our donations have continued to CRT each year for its publications and advocacy material, with some project support and administrative costs also.

In addition, support continued to Goodwill and Casa Materna for a year more, and then in 2012, we initiated a new grant, to Suraksha [WRHCP] which aims to help women at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS.

Based in Bangalore, India, it cloaks its advocacy, information and treatment in a reproductive health programme to circumvent the stigma faced or feared by women - this prevents them from checking their status whether they are at risk or actually infected by the virus. A concurrent effort in the project is to provide economic support to the women in the community via Self-Help Groups, and training in saleable skills. The project actually got off the ground in end 2012 and has slowly stabilised. During the current financial year, it is hoped that Suraksha can raise more financial resources, both local and abroad [via FCW], and expand the project area and also venture into another project, for Orphans and Vulnerable Children [OVC], specifically those affected or infected by HIV/AIDS.

The funding climate has become very unfavorable in India and even established non-profits are struggling to continue their core activities. A lot depends therefore on private donors, big and small. Every little bit counts! CRT has registered for the World K TCS Run on 18th May to raise some substantial funds from both India and abroad. This is the link to the appeal we have issued -